Thursday, March 26, 2009

Corporate Mardi Gras party

This afternoon, I found myself helping some hoteliers celebrate a late Mardi Gras...

I thought they did a great job with the decor..and they served a 'shrimp with grits' dish (there was actually some left when I finished up--mmmm!)

Below are some of the faces that came and went...

There were supposed to be nine faces on this drawing (all managers) but two of them got diverted somewhere, despite the fact that I was asked to ( and did) stay on a little longer. So I remedied the big white space I'd left for them by putting in a title. It went over quite well. Their copy machine will be busy tomorrow! :-)


  1. Great "life work" Emimy !!!!!

  2. DAMN, girlfriend! :) Your work has grown so strong in the few years I've known you. Just an awesome set of photos. You really nailed those likenesses with humour and exaggeration! :) I bow before your skill.

  3. Thank you,Jan!
    And thank you, Lar! (blushing) If I have improved, it's because of the example and inspiration of people such as your own dear self!
    Hope to catch you on Ustream tonight.

  4. You nailed those likenesses so hard, you need the backside of a hammer to pry em loose from your drawing board!!! Sometimes when I look at your stuff it reminds me of some of the old NCN Comic stuff Sam Klemke used to draw. Same Vibe... hope you aint insulted by that.

  5. Wow, thank you Elgin, and being compared to Klemke is a huuuuuge compliment. I love his style and humor, while retaining a wicked likeness.