Friday, March 20, 2009

My Caricature Gig Paraphernalia

One of my blog readers emailed me to ask about my easel (thank you Hilary!) so this is a post about what I take to a typical gig.
I pull along an inexpensive collapsible cart--this one was $20 at Staples-- that holds just about everything. My easel is a half-size French easel, which is a portable, expanding-legs-and-top type which folds down very compactly. There's a container for my paper and plastic bags, and another for my pens, then there's my lights, and finally there's my display board and its own lightweight metal easel. I also carry along my own chair that is the right height for me...and it has a padded seat! It takes me about ten minutes to set up and tear down.
One of the perks of being a caricaturist is that you don't really need to haul much stuff! :-)


  1. thanks emily for that post, I think I'm going to pick up one of those collapsable carts from staples it looks like a great way to transport your materials. Also I just got a collapsable easel and they're pretty cool, i hope everything in the future will be collapsable, with objects of course.

  2. Very nice blog! congratulations!

  3. Nice set up Emily - I'm just getting organised so any tips are helpful - my own padded chair, what a good idea, can't stand 'numb bum' !!!
    Good to see your busy - but you do good work so you would be.

  4. Thanks Tel! If I can give you any more practical pointers for doing gigs, now that you are testing the waters, let me know.