Friday, April 3, 2009

Emily's Cyber News: Good and Bad

Good news or bad news first?
I'll tell the bad news first, to get it out of the way and hope that is it short-lived. My main website's server,, has been hit with a cyber-attack and as a result, theirs, mine, and many other people's websites that they host are not accessible for the time being. As my website is VERY important to my business, I am upset about it, of course. They are working on it...and I hope it comes back intact.

The good news is that my page on Philly Side Arts, has generated some interest! According to their recent newsletter, my page of caricature art was the second most viewed last month out of 78 artists! Wow! And their home page got more visits from people who came from THIS blog than any other! THANK YOU BLOG READERS!! :-)

Congratulations to the top referring artists (the artists that have linked to Phillyside Arts from their own website and have sent the most new visitors to the Phillyside website from that link) from the week of March 2nd: 1) Emily Anthony, 2) Dave Glass, and 3) Ali Williams.

March's top ten most viewed artists (out of 78 artists): 1) Daniel Chow, 2) Emartiste, 3) Mary Harju, 4) Jennifer Renshaw, 5) Adam Vinson, 6) John L. Langsford III, 7) Sean St. Patrick, 8) Dave Glass, 9) Angela Lackey, and 10) Bridget O'Grady

I hope to utilize PhillySide arts in a more meaningful way as the year progresses. They hold events and such in Philly. However, spring is when live caricature season heats up, and judging by the amount of emails and calls I have been getting, it looks promising even with this economy. I hope that holds for many businesses besides mine. :-)

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