Sunday, April 5, 2009

O's Fanfest

Yesterday was the prelude to baseball season in Baltimore, where I found myself once again drawing fans of our national pastime!

This one was a challenge! The dad asked me to draw the two kids as a shortstop and second baseman in a double play. While I know what a double play is when I see one, it happens so fast, I needed him to explain exactly what I was to draw each boy actually doing. They also asked for an Oriole bird to be included.

This little sleeping angel was a total joy to draw. His mom tried to wake him up, but he was so deeply asleep that I just went ahead and drew him like that! This one attracted a lot of "oohs" and "awwwwwwws". :-)

Lots of happy faces turned out for the day. We're all hoping Opening Day doesn't get rained out tomorrow...


  1. great great great just great.
    I suppose I already said it was Great ?

    anyways this is just great !

  2. LOL!!!!! Yay Emily! That baby sleeping caricature is hilarious!

  3. Aww, that sleeping kid is so cute. Looks like a great turnout, here's hoping for no rain!

  4. aw i like the sleepy baby batter

    O __ <

  5. NEATO!! Love the baseball one!