Friday, April 17, 2009

First outdoor gig of 2009...

...and it was a beautiful, sunny, seventy-degree day!
The occasion was a new bank branch's grand opening in a quaint little town. I was provided with a canopy and a big flag sign saying "Caricaturist!"

This mother and daughter were big casino fans and wanted to make sure I included the name of their favorite on the caricature. They both actually screamed when they saw it (with delight, I think!)

Because the event was on a weekday, many of my subjects were workers from nearby businesses...The above threesome said they were very "close-knit" and that the caricature was going to hang on their office door. The nurse below asked me to draw her "sexy" because she is 41 and her boyfriend is 28!! She said that being the older woman evened out their life expectancies, since men don't live as long as women!:-O

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