Thursday, April 16, 2009

Senior Appreciation Day (high schoolers, that is)

This morning, I found myself right at home in an all-girls Catholic high school (I went to one myself!) drawing the seniors during their lunch period. Other special treats during Senior Appreciation Day were a chocolate fountain, music, and a handsome young man who juggled his way into the ladies hearts...

I snapped this photo pre-event while he was warming up. Of course, during his performance I was so busy drawing the girls that I didn't get to see a thing, (generally, I place my sitters' chairs so they can see what's going on) but I could hear him interacting with his audience, and he has quite a rapport! Afterwards, we chatted about how lucky we are to do what we love for a living.

4-17-09 Just received some wonderful feedback from the teacher who hired me for this event. Thanks so much!!
We hired Emily to do artwork for the seniors at our school on their class day, and she exceeded expectations. Punctual, good-humored, organized, friendly, incredibly talented, and accommodating. She worked non-stop and was very courteous and professional. A great resource for any party or event!

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