Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break trip....

I haven't blogged ( or caricatured!) for a bit because I took another westward trip. This time, it was an early graduation gift for my daughter Madeline, from my fiance and I. We saw alot in a week! Here are some highlights:

We drove down the Pacific coast from LA to San Diego to visit the world-famous Zoo.

The pandas were amazing to see!

We especially loved the meerkats! So cute and playful.

Of course, we made time to stop in our favorite restaurant in CA(or anywhere)--Matsu, and they had both caricatures I had done of the chefs proudly displayed in the sushi bar! :-)

Then it was on to Mexicali, Mexico for a few days...

Finally, in LAX airport on the way home, we ran into none other than weight-loss guru Richard Simmons! He was happy to pose with Madeline, and give her a great big kiss on the cheek. He even turned out to be on our flight home, to make an appearance on QVC (the cable shopping channel that sells his fitness DVDs). Go Richard! :-)

So, now it's back to a busy springtime of gigs and commissions!

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  1. Love the pics! Oh man that mexican food makes me totally homesick.