Thursday, April 30, 2009

O's day game

Headed down to Charm City yesterday to draw at a kid-heavy Orioles day game. It was field-trip day for Baltimore elementary and middle-school students. However, of all the people I drew, none were school-age kids--all were babies, toddlers and some beer-imbibing adults!
And I forgot my camera's memory card again; I am beginning to think it's Rrrrick's fault--- because the last time I couldn't take good photos, I worked with him too. LOL
At least I had my cell-phone camera, even though its colors are wonky....(compare to my previous post---same paper, same markers and artstix)

The married couple opted for BW because they wanted the caricature to match the other black-and-white drawings and photos they had hanging in their home. I jokingly told them that was the only 'good' reason for not getting color!!
The two buddies did choose BW because it was cheaper, after finding out the price was per face, not per drawing! (They'd asked if I'd draw both of them for the price of one, to which I said, "Nahhhhh.")

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