Friday, July 31, 2009

Phillyside Arts networking event

Last evening, my fiance and I attended a Phillyside Arts networking event at a funky, intimate little bar in South Philadelphia. The location was perfect because our favorite Vietnamese restaurant was just around the corner, but I digress...
Philly Side Arts is an "online marketing and networking service for the creative arts community. The primary objective is to help artists achieve their potential by providing online promotional programs for the artists to engage in while encouraging them to attend offline networking and educational events." We were able to meet the executive director, C. Todd Hestand, and find that the group isn't just for the traditional 'fine' artist, but 'niche' artists such as myself. When I joined, there were a dozen or so artist members-- now there are over 120. I was surprised to learn that the PSA link on my website/FB fan page has gotten them a good amount of hits. :-)
We also met a lovely artist, originally from Austria, Sybille-Maria Pfaffenbichler. She does beautiful mixed-media pieces depicting music and dance in a flowing, visceral way. Please visit her website at
It's always good to meet new people! We had to go around the room and give a short 'who I am and what I do' spiel. To my chagrin, I was first---so I explained that my comfort zone was looking at my subject and easel-- with an audience behind me, not in front of me!

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