Thursday, April 30, 2009

O's day game

Headed down to Charm City yesterday to draw at a kid-heavy Orioles day game. It was field-trip day for Baltimore elementary and middle-school students. However, of all the people I drew, none were school-age kids--all were babies, toddlers and some beer-imbibing adults!
And I forgot my camera's memory card again; I am beginning to think it's Rrrrick's fault--- because the last time I couldn't take good photos, I worked with him too. LOL
At least I had my cell-phone camera, even though its colors are wonky....(compare to my previous post---same paper, same markers and artstix)

The married couple opted for BW because they wanted the caricature to match the other black-and-white drawings and photos they had hanging in their home. I jokingly told them that was the only 'good' reason for not getting color!!
The two buddies did choose BW because it was cheaper, after finding out the price was per face, not per drawing! (They'd asked if I'd draw both of them for the price of one, to which I said, "Nahhhhh.")

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

College Spring Fling

Another warm, breezy spring day found me caricaturing outside. A local community college held a Spring Fling on its grounds-- not only for its own students, but the public was welcome as well if they bought a wristband. My caricatures and some very talented face-painters proved to be the most popular attractions, judging by our lines...

See what I mean about the face-painting? Every time I saw this girl, I had to smile myself!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

60th birthday party

Here's the man of the moment with his framed birthday caricature. The sign-in mat was flat on the table to its right so guests could sign it easily.

(Above) This couple hail from Dallas, Texas. I told them to make sure to come and see me at the State Fair this year, and they said they would!

Thank you so much, Steph and Tom, for having me draw for your wonderful family! :-)

Digital birthday commission

This gentleman was treated to a 60th birthday caricature by my client (his wife), who made a very good art director! She had very helpful suggestions that made this piece come out as well as it did. He was very surprised and pleased today at his party!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Final version of Joe Biden

Finished this digital painting in Photoshop from start to finish in one sitting! How fun is that?!:-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Work-in-progress: Joe Biden

This is what I have so far on my Joe Biden charity-auction caricature. The first image is the very rough sketch, which I chose out of several attempts. (He's not as easy to draw as the President.) The second sketch has been tightened up considerably. The third has some color added, but it's by no means complete yet. These are all separate layers in one Photoshop painting. I plan to emphasize more the size of his cranium, hair plugs, hooded eyes, and bottom teeth which seem to be a prominent feature of his mouth. Maybe I'l get it done tonight....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the Internat'l Society of Caricature Artists

The National Caricaturists Network (NCN) is no more. It has become the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA). As a longtime member, it's good to see this group growing in stature. Aside from lots of Americans, there have been so many far-flung talented members who come to the annual conventions--from Japan, Europe (especially the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands) Korea, Malaysia, and Australia. They also participate in our online forum. I am proud to call many 'friend'. Were it not for this organization, my skills and (and life) would not be what they are today.
Thank you, ISCA!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Next project: Joe Biden

I've been asked to create a digital caricature for a charity auction next month--of our Vice-President, Joe Biden. The really cool thing is that he will be signing one print to be auctioned to the highest bidder, and one print for the artist!
I'll be drawing live at the event as well. Don't think he'll actually be present, but it's still a thrill!

So I have decided to document my process with this project on my blog. The first thing is to gather reference material. With good ol' Joe, that's easy; there are almost too many photos on the internet to choose from. I want visual info from more than one photo reference A) because no one photo shows all that can be shown, and B) I want my work to not be a 'copy' of a photograph.
Next step: a rough sketch. More to come!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First after-prom of season

After my wedding gig in the afternoon yesterday, I went home and tried to take a nap in advance of my later wee-hours prom gig. I never did get to sleep! Here are some of the highschoolers I drew at my first post-prom gig for this year, with more to come...

Now, I can say I drew in Central Park, just like my friend Elgin!

Riverfront wedding

Yesterday afternoon, I drew in one of the more picturesque locations I have been to in my caricature career. The occasion was a wedding and reception held on Philadelphia's riverfront on another breathtakingly lovely spring day.

The 'Spirit of Philadelphia' went out on the river during the ceremony, giving the bride and groom even more well-wishers...

...and a tall ship glided by, too!

The new husband and wife came in, and the drawing commenced:

I drew the bride and groom in color, (after she had changed into a lovely beaded gown) which they then put into a sign-in mat. Thank you both for having me draw on your special day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

First outdoor gig of 2009...

...and it was a beautiful, sunny, seventy-degree day!
The occasion was a new bank branch's grand opening in a quaint little town. I was provided with a canopy and a big flag sign saying "Caricaturist!"

This mother and daughter were big casino fans and wanted to make sure I included the name of their favorite on the caricature. They both actually screamed when they saw it (with delight, I think!)

Because the event was on a weekday, many of my subjects were workers from nearby businesses...The above threesome said they were very "close-knit" and that the caricature was going to hang on their office door. The nurse below asked me to draw her "sexy" because she is 41 and her boyfriend is 28!! She said that being the older woman evened out their life expectancies, since men don't live as long as women!:-O

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Senior Appreciation Day (high schoolers, that is)

This morning, I found myself right at home in an all-girls Catholic high school (I went to one myself!) drawing the seniors during their lunch period. Other special treats during Senior Appreciation Day were a chocolate fountain, music, and a handsome young man who juggled his way into the ladies hearts...

I snapped this photo pre-event while he was warming up. Of course, during his performance I was so busy drawing the girls that I didn't get to see a thing, (generally, I place my sitters' chairs so they can see what's going on) but I could hear him interacting with his audience, and he has quite a rapport! Afterwards, we chatted about how lucky we are to do what we love for a living.

4-17-09 Just received some wonderful feedback from the teacher who hired me for this event. Thanks so much!!
We hired Emily to do artwork for the seniors at our school on their class day, and she exceeded expectations. Punctual, good-humored, organized, friendly, incredibly talented, and accommodating. She worked non-stop and was very courteous and professional. A great resource for any party or event!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Digital 40th birthday commission

During my trip last week, I had my laptop and Wacom tablet with me, and was able to do this commission for a 40th birthday party. The client was the birthday boy's mother, and she called to let me know they were very happy with it!

Spring Break trip....

I haven't blogged ( or caricatured!) for a bit because I took another westward trip. This time, it was an early graduation gift for my daughter Madeline, from my fiance and I. We saw alot in a week! Here are some highlights:

We drove down the Pacific coast from LA to San Diego to visit the world-famous Zoo.

The pandas were amazing to see!

We especially loved the meerkats! So cute and playful.

Of course, we made time to stop in our favorite restaurant in CA(or anywhere)--Matsu, and they had both caricatures I had done of the chefs proudly displayed in the sushi bar! :-)

Then it was on to Mexicali, Mexico for a few days...

Finally, in LAX airport on the way home, we ran into none other than weight-loss guru Richard Simmons! He was happy to pose with Madeline, and give her a great big kiss on the cheek. He even turned out to be on our flight home, to make an appearance on QVC (the cable shopping channel that sells his fitness DVDs). Go Richard! :-)

So, now it's back to a busy springtime of gigs and commissions!