Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Artcast/contest tonight...

Stephen Silver's Artcast tonight on Ustream will be another informative talk and critique of character designs submitted this past week. This time it was 'make a character design of one of your parents'. So I did a no-reference digital sketch of my late dad, back when he was rotund and lottery-ticket-slap-happy (well, he remained that til he passed).
It's not the best likeness of him, but the essence is there.


  1. Emily,
    Very good art...Congratulations !!!
    Here in Brazil, there is a goalkeeper from São Paulo soccer team with the same likeness...His name is Rogério Ceni...Very interesting the likeness.

  2. Nice Em, I'm sure he'd have loved it!

  3. Thank,s Wlamir and Niall!
    Niall, I did do a caricature of Dad and Mom before he passed six years ago, and he LOVED it, I'll have to find the photo and post it...