Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WIP #4

More loved ones are being added, slowly, to my grandson's nursery painting!

The cats represent myself and my fiance; they're a type of African wildcat called a serval. I thought they were so cute, as we both love cats--and tigers or leopards, etc, just seemed too threatening. The little orange monkey is for the baby's red-headed older brother on his dad's side...I'll add more grandparents, etc. in there soon!

WIP #1
WIP #2
WIP #3


  1. Hi Emily

    We at the cartoonist-forum are delighted you have joined us and would like to welcome you. Please do say hello.


  2. It is amazing how this painting has come along, step by step. You have a real 'look' about your art that is very unique. Excellent!