Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy birthday, Shemp!

A quick digital for the ISCA celebrity birthday thread...done on my new monitor! My friend Rick helped me (Thanks, Rick! :-) get it working smoothly, so that now, my Macbook Pro runs Photoshop and only shows my reference material (this particular piece is done from several photos of Mr. Horowitz, aka Shemp)
...and my 22" monitor displays---much better, I might add---the actual painting/drawing that I am working on. Before now, I did everything on my 15" laptop screen.

Shemp's actual birthday is in dispute...some sources say today, some say March 17th, so who knows? He and the other three original Stooges are the only ones there are, to me!


  1. You should display this drawing at the place in Philly where Larry Fine was born. :D

  2. Fantastic Emily !!!
    I remembered my childhood, when I watched "The Three Stooges" on TV...I loved Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp...Congratulations !!!

  3. I love this.....I can honestly say I've NEVER seen a Shemp Caricature before in my life!!! Shemp and Larry have always been my favorites!
    GREAT, GREAT drawing!!!!!!!!