Monday, March 15, 2010

Doodled her right into a character design....

One of the bystanders that I drew at this past weekend's hockey tournament doesn't know it, but she's been immortalized as a character design on the internet now!

Only the top left image was done from the subject, and it started out as just a quick gesture drawing. The next two pencil sketches were from memory. Then I took a light box and redrew them below, colored them with Prismacolor and Chartpak markers, scanned them, then inked and finished them in Photoshop. Why do all this? When I logged onto Facebook yesterday, I saw that noted character designer Stephen Silver was holdng a contest on, with the winner to receive a critique from him on their work during his weekly Ustream show. I'd like a shot at that! So this is my of 47. Those aren't bad odds!
Steve also has a Facebook group, Stephen Silver-Passion for Life,where he talks about artistic motivation and passion. And inspires lots of people, I'm sure, because I'm one of them!

Here's a link to the contest page, if you'd like to vote you'd have to join Sketchoholic, but it looks like an interesting prospect if you're an artist. Voting will finish right before Steve's show tomorrow night (3-16-10) at 10:30 pm EST.

Updat 3-16-10 Well, I didn't win, but I learned alot from watching Stephen's Ar cast and hearing him critique the winner's sketch. Next week's assignment is to do a character design of our dads! That'll be fun!

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