Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding reception!

Last night, I was honored to be a part of a very happy couple's wedding reception! They got married last week in Jamaica and yesterday was their celebration with family and friends. We watched their wedding video before the festivities got started...

The bride and groom's beach theme carried over everywhere...

My easel was set up next to a photographer who took photos of each person with their caricature, for the bride and groom to have as part of their wedding album!

I was able to take some of my own photos as well at this event, since the very capable DJ kept people busy with conga lines and games; I never had a huge line at any one time. But I was still able to get the majority of people drawn! :-)

Below, I even got to draw the DJ and photographers!

I drew the bride and groom at the very end (four hours later!) and forgot to get their photo, but they know I appreciate their having me! Thanks again, Valerie and Albert, and congratulations!

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