Sunday, March 21, 2010

Class Reunion!

Last night, I attended (and drew at) a long-awaited class own! It was a long time coming, in that we've never had a reunion for my all-girls high school, because it was closed after our junior year. We then were all dispersed to other high schools. So, twenty-eight years later, one of us, Connie Hopkins, decided that with a little help from Facebook and some determination, we were finally going to have our night.
Of course, I had to do a caricature of the teenage version of Connie:

And here she is with it:

I spent an hour-plus drawing, and wasn't my regular speedy self-- because I just had to chat with everyone I drew. And the other anomaly was that, at this 'gig' I allowed myself a few drinks! :-o

We had a huge poster with all of us on display:

Can you spot me?
In the reunion booklet, there was a list of all the Class Superlatives from way back: guess I'm still the same old me (albeit with different hair!). I got voted "Most Artistic" !
We had about 35% of our class present. Pretty good, huh? Thanks, ladies!

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  1. Mary Buckley WinandMarch 21, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    You are amazing Emily! Thanks for the entertainment last eve ... it was great fun watching you work but even more fun seeing you after 28 years!!!