Sunday, April 25, 2010

1st birthday party, high up!

Yesterday, I drew for a cute little guy's 1st birthday party, on an 8th floor patio overlooking south Philadelphia!

Here he is with his mommy and daddy, in color of course...
Below are some guests, with whom I had a total hoot--both in chatting and sketching...

I told this gentleman he had 'Gene Wilder hair'... :-D

With these two, I debated where "North Jersey' actually becomes 'South Jersey'... :-D

Above is the party's genial host, Grandpa, with his lovely wife and three daughters depicted as looming large in his life ;-)
Below are the amazing views I snapped before the party started, while the sun shone warmly--it had gotten overcast by the time I finished.

If you look to the top right in the above photo, you can just make out Citizens Bank Park, where I spent many hours honing my skills while drawing at Phillies games. Below you can see the Walt Whitman bridge and one of the many beautiful murals that adorn the city.

For the whole scene, nothing beats a video clip!

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