Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two talented caricaturist friends, for your viewing pleasure!

Two of my friends have ventured into short film-making, LOL. ( No, seriously...Laughing out loud IS the result!)

Marlo Meekins
Marlo, of Philly, is on the third episode of her completely self-done show (writing, animation, illustration, acting, make-up, costumes--whew!) She's had over 4000 views since putting up the first show about two weeks ago. Go Marlo!

Jeremy Townsend (Jert)
My favorite is "How to draw awesome caricatures" :-D
Jert is from Atlanta currently, and literally just got started with his artist advice clips, but he's had hundreds of views already.

Both of these two are mega-talented, multiple-award-winning caricature artists, but they are both so much more than that! I hope their new ventures take them wherever they want to go. :-)

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  1. Thank you emily! nick was a big part of the animation editing