Sunday, April 11, 2010

First late-nighter for 2010, a college event!

I had a five-hour gig, drawing college students this weekend---and I mention that fact because the five hours were between 11 pm and 4 am! The occasion was a 'Relay for Life' fundraiser for cancer, which happens overnight at many schools this time of year. The students form teams to do laps, for which pledges are given, and must always have at least one student actually walking during the entire length of the event. The other students have many fun activities to enjoy, one of which was getting a caricature from me!

(Above) You can see my line of students on the right in the mirror in this photo.
(Below) One of the students took these two shots of their friends, right BEFORE and AFTER they saw their caricature!

And here they are, WITH it:

They actually asked for American Gothic!

You better believe I drank both of these Red Bulls during the course of the night (or I should say early morning by then!)

The really cool, serendipitous thing about this gig was that it was held at my own daughter's college, so I had a dorm room to crash in afterwards, and the chance to have breakfast with her and her friends the following day (ok, it was really lunch by then :-)

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