Thursday, April 29, 2010

Into my way-back machine....

Since posting yesterday about my blog's anniversary, it got me to thinking about how much has changed since then. 2007, was also the year I bought a Wacom tablet and started doing digital work. On the ISCA forum right now, there is a discussion over the values of traditional media vs. digital, of which I am proudly right splat in the middle--I love both!

This is my first ever digital painting created in January 2007 with a MOUSE. Yes, it only took this one piece to convince me to buy a Wacom tablet. However, since I didn't have one yet, I did this whole Patsy Cline very slowly and deliberately with the mouse. At that time I was using Photoshop 6.0 on a Dell laptop. The original pencil drawing was done in a sketchbook and was only her face. I decided to draw more of her, so I had to cut her out, since she was at the bottom of a page and tape her to a larger piece of paper. You can see the line of demarcation on the scan of the sketch. After, that it was a matter of trying out different things until my personal lightbulb went on, with help from some digital pro friends on the ISCA (then NCN) forum.

Reminiscing is fun!

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