Saturday, August 28, 2010

A 15th birthday pool party

I drew some inventive teenage girls tonight at a birthday party...none of them asked to be drawn playing a sport or horse-riding (which are the more common requests):

Instead, the themes chosen were:
1. Shopping with a hot pink/zebra stripe background 2. Riding a shark (!) 3. Photography 4. Listening to music on giant headphones 5. Listening to music on an Ipod 6. Painting
Funnily enough, the girl who asked to be shown as an artist was named Emily!
Since there were only a few girls, I was really able to go to town on color and details. At the end, a guest asked me to draw a toddler from a cell-phone photo. It was a very clear, zoomed-in photo, so it was possible to do :-) Her favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba, so I included the host, DJ Lance Rock. Funnily enough (again) I had just watched this show while babysitting my little grandson!

And I wore my new "Caricatures by Emily" t-shirt! It was simple to do...I just printed a large version of my business card on fabric transfer paper and ironed it on the back. Now I can draw and advertise at the same time!

Thank you, Kelly, for the photo! And happy birthday, Lauren!

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