Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday at the Fair (finale)

The last day at the fair was a good one in so many ways!

The hair, the hat and the face on this boy made him sooooo much fun to draw! ( And it turned out that I'd drawn his parents at a Halloween party--they're the witch and the vampire).

These two brothers (well, okay, their parents, actually!) get a caricature from me every year...I am so grateful to all my repeat subjects!

And also to my brand-new subjects!

I had another special visitor: this time it was my son (he's between my fiance John and my friend Gary) who is home from Thailand for a visit --he lives and teaches yoga in Bangkok now.

Gary decided to draw him in a typical yoga pose! Hahahaha!
Check out his reaction, below:

My very last drawing at the fair was for these two sweethearts. I told him I'd never actually spoken to a real live Marine before!

See ya next year, Kimberton!

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