Monday, August 16, 2010

Caricaturama 3000-this week it's Sophia Loren

These are two quick, young versions of the Italian actress who has kept her beauty and vigor into old age. The left side is my non-digital sketch, done in about an hour with a handful of gray Chartpak markers, which I haven't used in awhile. I'd forgotten that they have a tendency to make other kinds of ink bleed, which they did to the main Markette lines in a few places. The right side is after I sparingly applied some color (add maybe another hour) in Photoshop CS3. As always, check out Caricaturama Showdown 3000 on Facebook to see other artists' versions (from all over the world!) of her.

Now that I am looking at them side by side, there are some things I prefer in the first sketch; it actually has the better likeness, especially around the eyes. But I still like the delicacy of color in the second...and that's what sometimes happens when you 'clean up' or otherwise mess with a preliminary drawing: it might lose its spontaneity or some other element that made it work in the first place.
LOL Now I am reconsidering which one to enter...

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