Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New video clip on my Gigmasters page

Time to update my 'caricature reactions' video on my Gigmasters page:

The sound of laughter is the best way to share how much fun caricatures are! :-)

Since joining Gigmasters two years ago, it has been a reliable source for gigs and I've drawn for many memorable events through it. As an online party-entertainment agency, clients can peruse from many different entertainers, some who are nationwide, and some who are local, like myself. They can then request bids for their event. Once they've chosen, say, a caricature artist, (LOL) Gigmasters hooks them up. They can then leave feedback after the event. I've been lucky enough to have clients who leave really heartfelt words about my service, and that's as important as my samples and video put together...I appreciate my wonderful feedback-leavers!

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