Friday, October 8, 2010

The Fair continues...

I'm still in Texas...the weather is still perfect... Big Tex still towers over us all...and the caricatures keep coming!

Below, in no particular order, are some of the faces that have sat in front of my easel this past week:

I told this young man he seemed to be the happiest person I'd drawn that day.

I used the colors in this girl's t-shirt for the background too.

This little guy with the unusual name isn't in his photo because he'd had enough of posing! (He's two years old--enough said!)
I drew him last year too.
Below: Couples of assorted varieties!

Someone bought my previous Lady Gaga sample so I made another one!

On Thursday, Senior Citizen day at the Fair, I got to draw some ladies who were in a huge group of tie-dyed oldsters:

More fun ones:

Reed and his grandpa had very specific requests for the caricature, which I was happy to do!
On the way to the ladies room during my workday, I pass by exhibits and competitions. Here's a few of those:

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