Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gearing up for the final weekend of the Fair...

Time is running out for the great State Fair of Texas. We're still pumping out airbrush caricatures...even though three out of our four artists has had some glitch with our airbrushes, temperamental pieces of equipment that they are. Mine had an intermittent clog today that slowed my proceedings down for a bit. I just kept fiddling with it and blasting water through it (and getting the better airbrush-heads to help me--thanks Paul) til it was working again. I do have an extra airbrush with me, but the one I'm using is my preferred one.

This expectant mother had on a t-shirt that...well, you can see that I drew it too! The background is pink because...well, you can guess!

These two teenagers were done by myself (left) and Celestia (right) at the same time. Her girl had on a Queen t-shirt, which meant that Celestia got to recreate Freddie Mercury's own design for Queen's logo.

These two sisters and their mother got a state-fair-themed caricature to take back to Vietnam. The mom told me something really sweet...that she thought my drawing captured her soul! :-) That meant alot to me, as I feel that good caricatures certainly can do that, and she felt that mine belonged in that category. Awwwww!

This couple were from Bangkok, where my son lives. I knew it when I saw the writing on his shirt!

It was fun drawing and chatting with these two sweethearts! It's not often that I get to do a great-grandmother-and-grandfather caricature.

This young man came back for his second caricature by me this week! I drew him with his shades, braces and green gum last time. :-D He wanted a serious one today.

For these three, I tried a landscape orientation.

This little girl that I'd drawn, wanted to show her older sister, who was in the midst of being drawn with her friend, by Vlad.

Paul drew an expectant mom today too, with hilarious results!

It wouldn't be our work environment without the Killdares. We'll hear their set 120 times by the end of the fair, as they play very near to our booth.

Above: A Black Forest ham sandwich. Below: Self-explanatory...

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