Sunday, October 3, 2010

Samples and stuff...

The weather here in Dallas as been picture-perfect. So much so that it's been perfect for (caricature) pictures! I did these two quick samples last week before we were deluged with customers:

Everyone knows who Lady Gaga is, but I've only heard about two people say. "Oooh!! Jon Stewart!!"
Below are Vlad's and Paul's 2010 samples:

Some of my work over the last few days:

Below: in this, my third year at the Fair, I've finally seen Texas BASEBALL fans! Hmm, wonder why? ;-)

Vlad did the kid, I did the expectant mom (above).

Above: this husband literally dragged his reluctant wife into my spot for a caricature. After she saw it (and loved it!) he got his done too... :-)

Tamales with chili and cheese for dinner!

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