Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wedding in turn-of-the-(last)-century manor house...

Last night, I drew caricatures at a wedding- in one of the most lavish settings I have ever put my easel.

This is the Elkins Estate, home of William Lukens Elkins, a Bill Gates of the 19th century. As I pulled up, the bridal party was being photographed on the front steps.
I went in and proceeded to walk around with my jaw on the floor...

My appointed spot was to be on the right of the grand staircase:

...which presented a problem because there didn't seem to be any electrical outlets for my easel lamps (I had my battery one with me, of course, but more light is always better).

Luckily there was one lurking in the closet.
Below: how this space looked in its heyday. For more photos, visit the Elkins Estate Facebook page.

Well, no matter what my surroundings, my caricatures are caricatures. I had a hoot as usual:

I actually didn't get to draw the bride and groom, as they were so busy (it was a laaaaarge wedding) but I got to draw the next best thing: this guy-- who had a hand in getting them together AND who sported the most original hairstyle I have seen in forever---and his lovely lady, who was pleased at how I depicted her assets!

There'll be a reaction video of these last four subjects in my next post. :-)


  1. Thanks Emily! Our guests were so happy with their caricatures!! :)

  2. Hey Em, that mansion is about 5 minutes from where I live and I'd never set foot inside it! Looks like you got a nice tour for yourself - pretty impressive!