Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween gig 2010---

It's my favorite time of year for a gig---Woo woo woo!
I absolutely LOVE drawing at Halloween parties, especially this one (for my second year running, and I'm booked for next year already, too).

My client is such a sweetheart, when she booked me, she asked if I wanted to bring my significant other---so I did, in costume of course!
I'm the one with the goatee on the left, LOL. My homemade "Hello, my name is" tag said 'P. Cezanne', and my 'painting' walked around to hearty laughter. Yes, it included naughty bits, which I cropped here (this is a mostly-family-friendly blog). We had those covered up with a fig leaf for the early portion of the evening when kids were still present...
The couple I'm in the midst of drawing came as "black-eyed P's" !!!
This couple came as "White Trash" and a "Bathroom Stall". LOLOL
Here's a reaction photo. I have some videos to do from this event, but they'll have to wait til I have time to do them justice in Imovie.
This is a composite shot of everyone I drew, minus the bartender. Check out some of the FANTASTIC costumes people wore! My time was even extended because everyone wanted a full color, full body caricature! :-)

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