Monday, October 4, 2010

Red and Burnt Orange...

This past weekend was the big Texas/Oklahoma football game known as the "Red River Rivalry." It's held in the Cotton Bowl stadium, to which our caricature stand is right next door. It's the day I go through alot of red and burnt orange paint and markers--here's a sampling!

Below: some fans' attire, LOL.

Not everyone came for the game:

I can't believe I fit FOUR cowboy hats in one caricature!! (The dad is holding it above their heads.)

This girl was wearing a BEATLES t-shirt!! So of course I had to draw it.

These two siblings looked like they'd had a long day at the fair-- which ended with a caricature.

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  1. muito bons....sempre acompanho o seu blog e teu aprendido muito com ele. I'm Brazilian