Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Fair caricatures...

A couple of Justin Bieber-y siblings: Paul did the one on the left, I did the one on the right. I've been trying to draw bigger here, to fill more of the paper. And I am still aspiring to better my airbrush skills...having a photo of one of mine next to one of Paul's is a big motivator!!!

A little artist girl and her mommy and daddy: she really did have a crayon and notebook that she scribbled on while I drew them. Her parents said she was intently watching me draw as they waited in line. I told them to keep her well-equipped with art stuff----that interest shows up early (it did in my case!)

Seems like all the babies are adorable in TX.

This guy had on a Dallas hat, a state fair t-shirt, and even Dallas skyline sneakers! (too bad I found that out after I'd drawn him.)

This girl loves Halloween! (and posed liked that!)

Dinner was my favorite Fair fare: a beef "fajita taco" from Desperadoes Restaurant's booth, which is a couple booths down from us. They are also selling "Fried Margaritas" but I am steering clear of those!

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