Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Artiste at work in her studio (ha)

My S.O. took a nice photo of me this afternoon to use on my Digital Caricatures page on my website...to illustrate how I draw with my Wacom tablet. So many non-artists are confused about how digital art is created, not realizing that the computer doesn't do it for you, nor is it photo manipulation.  It's done the old-fashioned way, by the eye and hand of the artist, but with new-fangled tech-y toys standing in for traditional media! :-)
The "ha" in the title of this post is due to the fact that I posed for this...I'm not really working...Prince William and Kate were done awhile ago! ;-D
Photo credit: J. B.  (who appears in the top middle as a painting)


  1. Nice Wacom tablet. I've been using the HP Touchsmart TM2 laptop for drawing. It's a pretty fun little machine.

  2. Thanks, Bill! I am hooked on Mac and Wacom, though. I used Windows til 2009, and I'll never go back. They're good for some things, (don't want to be a Mac snob here) but I find that PS works much more steadily on my Macbook Pro.