Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Texas comic sneak-peek

The upcoming issue of Exaggerated Features, the quarterly magazine of ISCA, will have our first two-page comic about the adventures of your favorite pair of lady caricaturists at the State Fair of Texas---namely, Celestia Ward and myself. We outdid ourselves this year! Once it is published, I'll share it in its entirety here on my blog.
Here is a tiny, tiny peek:

We actually planned more for this year's comic while we were still actually at the Fair, writing down ideas and happenings last fall while they were fresh. A good day would hear one (or both) of us exclaiming, "THAT'S gotta go in the comic!!"

Here are links to our previous comics:


  1. Do you know when the issue is coming out? And whether it'll be online only or paper?

  2. I know the EF editor is working on the issue right now, but don't know which format it will take. We'll have to ask her...