Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ISCA forum's February challenge winner...

...was my digital caricature of Sarah Palin!
Moderator Klaas Opdebeeck posted the results on the ISCA forum yesterday: 

February Challenge: The results!

Hey! Although there weren't a lot of submissions this month, I still want to congratulate everyone who did participate!!
For this month I asked Jason Seiler to choose the winner, so here is his top three, which comes together with some honest feedback.

1. Emily Anthony. I think Emily had the strongest likeness . . . . she also captured "character" which is equally important.

2. Glenn Ferguson.

3. Euan Mactavish.
Congratulations to all 3 and especially to Emily Anthony!!! 

There were some completely phenomenal entries, so I was very surprised and honored.  The judge was Jason Seiler, illustrator, teacher for Schoolism, and past ISCA Golden Nosey winner. Thank you, Klaas and Jason, and congrats to Glenn and Euan as well! The winner receives an caricature oil painting by Klaas, so I will have to send him some current photos of me soon. :-)


  1. Congratulations Emily - top Palin there !!

  2. Thank you, Tel! I appreciate it!

  3. You are getting better and better. I predicted this in my crystal ball way back in 1967...

  4. Congrats Emily, thats great !!

  5. Congratulations. You are like the Energizer bunny... keeps going and going...

  6. CONGRATS Emski! You BETCHA!
    Nice PROgress in yer DIGITAL stuff-oh Happy Bday Too!