Sunday, March 27, 2011

Caricaturama SD 3000- Sharon Stone

This week's CS3K celeb is Sharon Stone. Although she and I share a birthday, and are both Pennsylvania natives, that's all we have in common! ;-) She certainly was luminously beautiful when younger, but it's hard to tell if she is aging well or horribly (she's six years older than I). I've seen photos of her with botoxed perfection or saggy, crinkly skin. So here's a caricature that is nicer than it coulda been...
Here are some steps in my process. I just upgraded to a new Wacom Intuos 4 pen tablet; my old Intuos 3 was having issues with its USB cable (it wouldn't work if jostled) so this is the first piece done without that annoyance. 

And besides, the Intuos 4 is vastly improved over the 3 in many other ways as well. Can't wait to do more with it! 

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