Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little monkey business at a 1st birthday...

This afternoon I drew caricatures for little Ian's first birthday! He likes monkeys. Isn't his cake cute?
I drew him first off, then he had so many guests to greet that I finished him and his monkey BFF after he wandered off with his mommy, so I don't have his photo.
But here are some other guests:

 This young lady from Perth, Australia, had a delightful accent!
 And here are Ian's proud mommy and daddy.
  These three young gentlemen were seated at the table immediately behind me. I asked them several times if they wanted a caricature, and all three shook their heads Nooooooo. The adults kept trying to convince them, but then I got busy and forgot to eavesdrop! ;-)
Towards the end of the party, they plunked themselves in my chairs and I asked them why they had changed their minds. The oldest one said they were threatened with a beating by their relatives if they didn't get one!!

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