Thursday, June 7, 2012

A rare MONDAY gig...

Monday is usually my day off but when a gig comes along, I am so happy to do it! This was a team appreciation day for an assisted living center, and came out of a recent Springtime in Paris event I did for them. Time-wise I was able to do themes (and boy, did these people come up with GOOD ones ;-) for everybody...
She wanted a martini and a sexy apron!
"Cups in the air everybody take shots..." ;-)
100% vegan!
He: Make me a chef!
Me: What utensil should I give you?
He: A knife and a flaming pan!
"Give me money and great shoes!"
She wanted an old-school phone. 
These two were celebrating their first anniversary and wanted a ball and chain!! (Video reaction below)
A smoking nurse! ( in both meanings of 'smoking!')
Her bartender's name is Roy. 
Fitness queen!
Video Reaction:

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