Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ballpark musings...

Here's a couple of cousins who totally got into the spirit of caricaturing, cackling madly throughout the whole process and screaming when they saw their drawing. The dad ended up getting three drawings of different combinations of family members,and took this photo for me (he'd asked to take his own photo, too!)
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These two pretty ladies sat for me, explaining that the drawing was going to be hung in the blonde's dad's sport-bar-themed basement. I'm always somewhat nervous when attractive young women are the subjects, because sometimes they don't "get it" when I draw them "silly". Anyhow, these two seemed great throughout, until a male heckler walked by when I was 3/4 done and told them "Hey-- seriously! It doesn't look anything LIKE you!!" That happenes on a occasional basis, actually, and the culprits are almost always males who have had too much beer. My theory is that aside from being a jerk, someone who would do that just can't stand seeing a really good artist making money at something that seems so easy. Anyhow, judge for yourself if it --seriously-- looks like them...
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They were relieved and happy once they saw it!

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