Thursday, August 30, 2007

Full moon at the ballpark

Amidst a weird night at the ballpark, that included several people asking for caricatures from unsuitable photos, (one from a cellphone, which I turned down because it is just too problematic), a bunch of teens getting a triple caricature and then telling me they'd come back to pay for it (wondering if I'd get stiffed for the money-- eventually I caught two of them walking by much later and told them I would like to get paid--"What! Our friend never paid you??" which they then rectified) and lastly, a game won by the Phillies on a technicality, angering half the is a nice couple that wanted a drawing to display at their wedding in October. I told them it would be funny if their wedding coincided with the Phillies being in the World Series....what are the chances??
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  1. ooooH full moon weirdness. i love that stuff.