Thursday, August 30, 2007

Charlotte by Jan Opdebeeck

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This is my prize for taking 2nd place in the June/July NCN Face-off competition-- a beautiful caricature of my daughter Charlotte, by renowned artist Jan Opdebeeck, of Belgium. He's been the honored guest speaker, given informative seminars, and won prizes as a master member at our annual NCN conventions, and authored several books on caricature. However, to me, (and many other grateful artists) in addition to those accomplishments, he is a fantastic human being. At my first convention, when I felt quite small as an artist, he was gracious and accomodating. I learned so much about what was possible with caricatures from him.
By the way, my daughter Charlotte is a wonderful person, too--I am so proud of her. She is a nursing student. Jan caught her personality in so many ways; the colors he chose and how he applied them, the delicately textured background, as well as his gentle treatment of her features.


  1. Awww. How nice of you to have your daughters caricature done instead of your own.
    She's cute too.

  2. Thanks Bob, but I am not as altruistic as you think! I already have drawings of myself and John from Jan. Charlotte is the only one of my children without a collection of caricatures, and I wanted to give Jan a pretty, fresh face to work with!

  3. Great caricature. Only thing I noticed is: Jan is from Belgium ! just like ...err ..forgot his name...

  4. Thanks, I fixed it, now why did I think he was from the Netherlands??

  5. I think he would NOT want to know....hahaha!

  6. I'd prefer being from the Netherlands than from Belgium, actually.