Monday, December 15, 2008

A digital birthday caricature becomes a POSTER! :-)

...for a good friend's surprise 40th birthday party!
Here is the actual image that I had enlarged into the 18 x 24 mounted and laminated poster: ( click to enlarge all these photos)

His wife provided me with some amazing photos of their pets, so they were incorporated almost unchanged. I'd actually taken my own photos of their cars some time ago, knowing they'd end up in a caricature someday!
Fran, of course, totally knew what present I'd show up with, but he still liked it!

In addition to the poster, there was also a smaller framed version with a sign-in mat for guests to leave their thoughts. His mom wrote, "I'll always remember the labor pains!!! His sister ( below) continued the bodily functions theme by mentioning flatulance in hers...

There was some age appropriate decor:

People enjoyed being photographed with Caricature Fran and the Blues Brothers:

Being a MacGuyver kind of guy, Fran got alot of those kind of he is with his antique oil cans. He also received a giant Swiss army knife with actual tools, a DVD set of--you guessed it, MacGuyver, and lots of wine.

Note the name change someone jokingly added to the poster.

He's opening his Viagra here,to the delight of his wife and dog! Kudos to her for pulling off a wonderful party.

I couldn't resist flirting with Jake Blues, since my own fiance is out of town...

Happy birthday, Fran!

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