Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st Communion party

Yesterday afternoon, I was invited to draw caricatures at a young man's 1st Holy Communion party. Here is just one of the couple of dozen faces I drew!

It turned out that the family are true caricature fans...the dad had been drawn circa 1979 in Ocean City, Maryland by chalk-and-glove-technique-pioneer Irv Finifter (who has influenced many caricature artists that I know), and the son had been drawn last year at a Phillies game by my friend Bob Miele. Of course, I had to have a photo of their framed drawings:

Bob's is on the left, Irv's is on the right. Both are done using the lecturer's chalk for color, and one gloved finger to mix it into the paper. I used to use this technique myself, until I switched to Prismacolor Artstix after having seen them at a convention. You can get beautiful pastel effects with the chalks, and Bob is a virtuoso with them. I wish the photo wasn't so blurred, but it was hard to get a shot without using flash (to avoid the glare.)

It's great to see my art form as part of a family tradition, and one of the many reasons why guests are so thrilled to get a caricature at a party.

Update: My client graciously shared her own photos and some nice feedback! Thank you!

Emily is fantastic! She really captures the guest's personality in her drawings. I highly recommend her for any special occasion!


  1. Emily was a great addition to our family event! All the kids were in awe of her skill and talent, and the adults loved the attention. ;-)

    I will definitely keep her in mind for future parties. Thanks, Emily!!

  2. Thanks, Caroline--- it was my pleasure!