Saturday, May 16, 2009

Company anniversary party

On Friday evening, my caricatures were 1/2 the entertainment at a company's 20th anniversary party. The other half was the magical balloon antics and sculpture of John Cassidy, who maniacally plied his craft ten feet away from me. There were too many enraptured folks agog at our work between us to get a photo, but I did get a few sidelong glances at his "inside a giant balloon" routine. Check out his site here: Balloon Freak
Some amazing stuff!
This company had some greaaaat faces to draw!

I should mention that the man-woman ratio at this employee party was heavily slanted to the masculine side! The married couple above actually met on the job.

The funniest comment of the night, heard from the peanut gallery while drawing a portly gentleman, was "H R PUFINSTUF!!" That really made me laugh, because it's not one I always hear! :-)

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