Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Hollywood" After-Prom

It was a night of stars and Hollywood glamour at the after-prom I did this early morning!

The 'paparazzi' lined the entrance hallway...

My friend and fellow caricaturist Chad Straka drew with me. The school was wonderfully decorated to the hilt; we were situated in a hallway... to a gallery of wax-celebrities: Oh, yeah: I drew LOTS of high-schoolers! (Five hours worth!)

Funnily enough, it turned out that the crazy balloon comedian from my Friday night gig, John Cassidy, was also at this one!!! He was in the gym, so again I didn't get a pic--but I sure hope to do so at the next gig of mine he turns up at! :-) When I got home after this one, the sun was up and the birds were tweeting. I love my job!

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