Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New medium/technique

My friend Marlo and I are serious art-supply-store shoppers. When I am in Philly, we make a habit of visiting the fabulous Dick Blick store there, which has ensnared us from our old haunt, Pearl's. Recently, she discovered an item that is a perfect addition to a live caricaturist's arsenal: panpastels. It's an improvement on the chalk-and-glove technique (mentioned a few posts ago) in that the pastels are in their own case, are low dust, and are applied swiftly with an applicator. I just ordered a set online and am now eagerly awaiting their arrival!!


  1. This looks great ! I wonder about preserving the picture?

  2. We expect a full 'road test' on this Emily !
    You certainly keep busy - take care.

  3. Thanks, Hannz and Tel!
    The panpastels are apparently similar to old-school pastels in that they can be sprayed with fixative. However for a quick caricature, it's only one layer so shouldn't be too smeary. I'll be 'road testing' them this weekend!

  4. they are the second best thing to happen to me this year