Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grad barbecue

My younger daughter, a high school senior, has decided to go into nursing as a profession, and has been part of a class which shadowed health care professionals at various hospitals this past school year. Last night, that class had a barbecue at the beautiful farm home of one of the students. When we got there, since there were only a dozen or so kids, I decided to draw them. (I didn't draw Madeline though, because she knows she is getting her long-awaited digital caricature from me for graduation-- I already have done both her siblings that way.)

The students were surprised and pleased, and they were all asking Madeline if she could draw, too! She kept replying, "Yes, but not like that..." :-)

The two young men have been in Madeline's classes since they were little, and the one on the right has several caricatures I did of him when I was just starting out, drawing at elementary school fairs...

Below is my daughter helping herself to a Rice Krispie treat...mmmm!

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