Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day ballgame

After a brief catnap (it seemed like that) I was back at Camden Yards on Sunday afternoon to draw at the Mother's Day Orioles/Yankees finale. I had planned on trying out my new Panpastels for this game, but the stiff breeze blew the sponges used with them out of my the mental fatigue from the day before was just a bit too much--so I stuck with the tried and true... my Prismacolor Artstix. Panpastels will make their debut another day.

After I drew the above little girl, who had requested the Oriole Bird be in her sketch, my colleague Gary Smith leaned over to me and dryly intoned, "See me after class."
Hahaha--he's the authority on cartooning, so he informed me that my version of the Oriole Bird was just too Woody Woodpecker and his peak curved a different way. So the next one I did looked like this:

Here's a pic of the ever-photo-shy Gary with one of his masterpieces:

These sisters were one of the final caricatures I did during my crazy weekend. They liked it. :-)

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