Saturday, May 16, 2009


In the early, early hours of Sunday morning, after getting lost and being helped to my destination by no less than three far-flung friends on cell phones, I drew seniors at a post-prom. This school's prom is actually my longest-running prom gig; started doing it in 2002, I believe. This year, they changed the location of the event to a new fitness/wellness center, and my GPS and Mapquest both were waaaaay off. Sometimes directions to/in corporate parks are dicey! When I realized that, I called my lifelines in CA and Vegas, (it was after midnight here!) whose Iphones, Crackberries and Internet all helped somewhat. It ended up being the other artist at the event, who got me there only a few minutes late. Whew!!! Thanks, John Sprague!!
So after arriving and calming down, I got busy:

My fiance suggested checking unfamiliar locations with the Mapquest or Google satellite idea. Thanks goodness tonight's post-prom is already known to me!

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