Sunday, July 5, 2009

Client-shared photo and feedback :-)

A few weeks back, I painted a digital caricature for a young man about to graduate. His grandmother and mom both just emailed me some photos, and some wonderful feedback. It's a neat feeling to provide my service to people I have never met, and know it has made them happy, all via cyberspace!

His grandmother said: THANK YOU FOR A FINE JOB! ( and yes, she used ALL CAPS! :-)
His mother said: My mom gave my son the caricature you had done of him for his high school graduation party guest sign-in board. I love it. Anthony loves it, as well. I have attached a couple of pictures of Anthony with the caricature.
Thank you again. I told Mom that she can't lose your web address as she has three more grandchildren who will be graduating high school (one day) and will need a caricature sign-in board for their parties!!! lol

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  1. Congrats Emily,
    that's a very nice feedback,:)
    Great for your portfolio !!!!!
    jan :)