Friday, July 24, 2009

Fair night #4--the rain finally did more than threaten

As I arrived at my fair, it was drizzling. I held off setting up so that if it became a downpour, I would not get soaked....after a while, people started arriving, so I erected my tent and got out my easel. Then the skies opened......:-(
Well, after some time passed, in which I sat hunched in my raicoat as far to the middle of my tent that I could, it eased up. I did get in some caricatures, but the rain must have made some people grumpy: I had a few instances of what I call the "non-customers". It's always a couple or a group--they sit in my chair, tell me they want color or BW, I make sure they know that the price is PER PERSON, they are surprised (!) and then they get up and walk away!! Then there was a mom with a little girl of about eight years old. They checked out my display and the little girl said, "Mommy, I really want one." The mom asked me how much and I told her. Then she turned to the little girl (and I'm quoting) "Honey, if you get this, that's ALL you get at the fair. No waffles and ice cream, no rides, no games, no anything. Now what do you want to do?" And the little girl actually considered it--- she didn't say no right away (I knew she would, though). I was kinda perplexed by that seemed more likely that the mom just didn't want a caricature than lack of funds... to each their own, of course! The faces I did get to draw certainly made up for the rain and the annoyances!


  1. WOW!!!!!
    These are so gorgeous and fun to look at! :P <3